Dear Silhouettes:

It’s time again for our annual Celebrate 366 Giving Drive, but first, I want to congratulate all the 2018-2019 Kappa/Silhouette Mini-Grant recipients for your outstanding events and efforts to reach out to your communities with the message of safe infant sleep as we work to build healthier families and save our babies. I had a chance to attend a few of the events and I was blown away! The awarded chapters really put the $1,000 mini-grants to good use in your respective cities and I want to say that we really cherish the partnership we have with all of you and the fraternity.

Too many African American babies are dying every day, and it’s so critical that we continue to sponsor programs and get the word out to new families, grandparents and other caregivers that they all play an important role in the safety of a baby.

October is the start of the Global Infant Safe Sleep (GISS) Center fundraising season and we are asking each Kappa chapter to help us continue our work in supporting Kappa Safe Infant Sleep programs and providing services and events to communities and families around the country.

We are asking that your Chapter will help us by raising $366.00 or more before the year ends in support our annual Campaign: Celebrate 366 Giving Drive, which symbolizes one day after a baby’s first birthday. It will be used to: 

  • Support 2019 Kappa/Silhouette initiatives
  • Purchase portable cribs for families in need
  • Arrange community events to educate parents, family members, and caregivers
Donate today

Put your chapter’s name in the memo box so that you can be recognized in the Kappa section of our newsletter. Here’s how you can give:

  • Text “Give” to 614-412-3050
  • Go to the website at and click the Celebrate 366 Donation button below to donate by credit or debit card
  • Send checks to: GISS Center, P.O. Box 403, Toledo, Ohio 43609-0403

Tax Deduction Contribution instructions: Checks should made out to C.A.R.E. Community (please write GISS in the memo line)

Together, We Can Help More Babies Celebrate Their 1st Birthday! 

Thank you, in advance for your support, 

Stacy Scott, Ph.D., MPA

Executive Director

Global Infant Safe Sleep Center

Empowering the World’s Communities by Achieving Equity in Infant Survival